Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo




Take a welcome break from time-consuming wet-washes and blowouts without sacrificing an ounce of style. Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo not only extends your ’do for days but doubles the longevity of haircolor* to keep the big fade away. With oil-absorbing ingredients and volume boosters that
deliver a gorgeous just-washed fullness, this timesaving spray gives you fresh, clean, velvety-soft hair ANY day of the week.

Here’s Why You’ll Love It…
Saving time is a big deal. Saving your haircolor even more so. Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo cuts down
on those too-frequent cleansing/blow-drying/heat- styling routines that not only leave strands dry, dull, and damaged, but strip the vibrancy of beautifully rich haircolor.

  • Instantly absorbs excess oil at the roots
  • With every touch, encapsulated fragrance keeps hair smelling fresh and clean all day
  • Haircolor lasts 2X longer*
  • Leaves hair feeling velvety soft
  • Adds light volume and texture

* When using Joico Weekend Hair every other wash vs. a daily shampoo and conditioner

Perfect when:
-You want to skip a wash and extend your blowout
-You want to keep hair smelling fresh and clean all day
-You want to extend the life of your haircolor
-You want to add light volume


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